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Pandora Or Trollbeads As a Gift - Charmprincess





Both Pandora and Troll bead bracelets are very similar as they primarily share the same concept. The idea is to create an individual piece of jewellery to match your clothes or just make them work as an item that tells your life story. This can be achieved through purchasing individual coloured beads or more detailed silver or gold ones which have more of a theme so you can buy charms (or beads) that say things about recent events in your life i.e. birth of a baby or your wedding celebrations or even your graduation etc…

They are ideal to buy someone as a gift. A bit of handy information when purchasing one of these bracelets is that the Troll beads cannot go onto the Pandora bracelet but the Pandora beads can thread onto the Troll bracelet allowing you to mix and match a little more and make your bracelet more customisable. This is worth doing – as I think the silver charms in the Pandora range are better than in the Troll in terms of better moulding and the silver finish is a lot cleaner rather than oxidised Troll range. The advantage also is that Troll do a greater selection of coloured glass beads.

Whether you purchase a Troll bracelet or Pandora bracelet – They are such a fantastic idea for presents- even christenings – The idea is to get your loved one started on their own bracelet you can add to them at special occasions no longer having a difficulty in deciding what to get them for Christmas! It works out really well for both parties!


Source by Peter Billard



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