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Charm necklaces have a simple but long history, over thousands of years. A charm is a talisman, a keepsake, which reminds you of something special, and helps you keep your focus on a certain goal or purpose. They have taken shape as religious symbols fashioned in precious metals and highlighted with gems, as simple stones wrapped in leather, or birds carved from bone representing a special significance to the wearer. Today, charms are worn on necklaces and bracelets for exactly the same reason. 

History of Charm Necklaces 

Charms were worn by both men and women, thousands of years ago, long before any formal system of writing was developed. Shapes derived from nature bore the significance to the wearer as well as the color of the stone or bone, and its original location. In Egypt, in the days of the Pharaohs, we can see necklaces with charms that were so big, they looked like breast plates, whereas the charms on bracelets were slender and petite. In India and the Asian countries, charm necklaces are still worn using seeds that are one to two inches in diameter, called malas. 

Eventually, wolf and bear claws, saber tooth tiger fangs, and nuggets with threads of gold, silver, and copper running through them made way for tooled gems and intricately carved birds, animals, and flowers. Entire scenes carved in ivory became popular as man refined his use of tools and that which was readily available as resource evolved. Soon lockets with hair curled up inside and miniature paintings of beloveds became all the rage until today, when the simple hand engraving of your baby’s name on a single gold disc becomes imbued with all your love and passion for this new life.

Charm Necklaces Today 

Throughout society today, necklaces with just a single charm are just as popular as those with an entire family of charms. The stones used by artists in their charm jewelry are precious and semi-precious gems, pearls, crystals, and curious nuggets that glisten in the light. They take shape as copper hearts with sterling or fine silver discs overlaid with flower patterns, diamond encrusted hearts with diamond studded baby shoes hanging in the center, and slender name tags accented with turquoise beads and silver sun charms. The combinations and patterns are endless but the hottest trend today is personalization.

Personalized Charm Necklaces 

Personalization can mean adding a little something of your own creation to make it uniquely your own, or, as is the craze today, hand engraving or machine stamping a message of love, your life partner’s name, or as seen worn be celebrities everywhere, personalizing with baby’s name and date of birth. This is a natural progression for charms to take because they represent your dreams, goals, and desires and what greater love does a mother have than that for her child. In gold or silver, or even sterling silver with 22kt gold inlaid hearts, the name of your precious love is carried with you at all times, nestled to your heart, reminding you that love is eternal.

Source by Cora Lee



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