Handcrafted, personalized name bracelets become cherished gifts for mothers, grandmothers

and more, especially when you create it yourself. With sterling silver alphabet

beads and a few other key ingredients, you can make your own mother’s bracelet,

deployment bracelet, awareness bracelet, or just about any other theme you can

imagine. Visit your local bead store or hobby shop or look online for the supplies

you will need. With these simple instructions, your creation will be a great gift

for Mother’s Day or any other occasion.

What you need before you start:

1. Flat Beading Pliers (needle nose pliers will also work with care)

2. Wire Cutters

3. Stringing Wire (I prefer Beadalon® Bead Stringing Wire, Nylon Coated Stainless

Steel, .46mm, Black)

4. Two (2) Wire Guardians (not required, but good for longevity of the bracelet)

5. Two (2) Crimp Beads

6. Lobster Clasp or Toggle Clasp

7. 4mm Jump Rings

8. Alphabet Beads to spell out the name

9. Other beads to match your theme, birthstone color, etc. Swarovski crystal beads

and small round silver beads are great additions.


1. Measure a bracelet you (or your gift recipient) already own to get the right

size, or use a piece of string around the wrist to mark and measure. Make sure

that it is a little loose. Cut a length of stringing wire that is the desired

bracelet length plus at least 2″ extra. (If you want a finished bracelet that

is 8″, you’ll need to start with a 10″ piece of wire.)

2. The next task is to make a loop. String a crimp bead on the piece of cut wire.

Slide the wire through the wire guardian. Take the end of the wire as it comes

out of the guardian and slip it though the crimp bead as well. Pull to tighten

so that the crimp bead is tight against the wire guardian, and you don’t have

excess wire hanging out of the crimp bead. Use the beading pliers to squeeze the

crimp bead closed.

3. Begin stringing your beads. Try alternating colors or using round spacer beads

in between the alphabet beads. It’s also a good idea to plan out and lay out what

beads you want to use before you start. That way you’ll know exactly how many

beads you need to end up with a symmetrical bracelet.

4. Once you’re happy with the design, place the second crimp bead after your last

decorative bead (you should have approximately 2″ of wire left) and then slide

the second wire guardian on just like before. Carefully take up the slack, being

sure not to pull the wire too tight, so the bracelet can move and bend, but also

not so loose that you see the wire between the beads. Now squeeze the crimp bead

closed and then trim any excess wire away.

5. Now you can attach the lobster clasp or toggle clasp to the right side of the

bracelet using jump rings. You can also attach a 1″ extender chain on the left

side to allow the wearer to adjust the bracelet for comfort. (This is especially

a good idea if you think the bracelet might end up being too small.) Attach a

charm or two to the extender chain with jump rings to add even more of a personal


You’re done! You’ve just made a name bracelet for your mother, a mommy to be,

or even just for fun. All it takes are some alphabet beads, silver wire, colored

beads, some patience and a few more supplies to make a great Mother’s Day gift.

Source by Kathy Hickok



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