Pewter has been used for centuries in plates, drinking ware and utensils. The mostly tin metal compound has a beautiful silver color with a slightly dulled finish. It used to be considered the ideal medium for dinnerware until people became aware of the health risk that lead, a common ingredient in pewter, posed to humans. Since then the use of pewter in items used for food has sharply declined.

Dinnerware is not the only place that pewter is found. It is also used in vases and even jewelry. Nowadays you can find charms, pendants and earrings made from pewter. The health risk of lead is no longer a concern for people buying pewter from manufactures in the USA. The pewter made in the sates is 100% lead free.

You will find that pewter works well in jewelry. It is light weight which makes the charms made from pewter easy to wear on bracelets and necklaces. It has a beautiful color and a magnificent glow. Pewter is also friendlier on the pocket book than other types of metal.

Wholesale pewter charms give you all the advantages. They give you a reasonably priced, high quality product, and you can order as many as you need. This combination of price, quality and quantity are perfect for anyone looking to buy for their business, hobby or fund raiser.

When purchasing pewter, you want to first verify that it is lead free. Lead has been found is some imported pewter jewelry so it is very important to make sure you know where the product came from. Make sure that the material being used is the highest quality and that the company you are buying from has great customer service.

Pewter is very versatile. You can find old antique pewter vases, pitchers, and dinnerware. You will find that pewter charms are just as versatile as the metal itself. Pewter charms can be found on key chains, bracelets or even on greeting cards. There are so many uses for them that craft enthusiasts and hobbyist are using them for their creations, no matter what the creation is. They can be found in almost any style and shape from animals to zodiac symbols. The number of uses is only limited to the depth of your creativity.

A few important things to remember when purchasing pewter charms, whether it is for a craft or a bracelet, are:

o Make sure the pewter is lead free, especially if it is going to be around children

o Make sure the company you are purchasing from is offering the highest quality product at the lowest price.

o Look for a company that has amazing customer service. This is very important if you ever have a concern with your order.

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