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Protecting Yourself by Wearing Charm Jewelry - Charmprincess





During the bygone days, people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds in the world believed in the power of evil spirits and charms. Therefore, they normally wore amulets or special charm jewelry to keep away evil spirits and protect themselves from charms. However, many people of today do not believe in such things.

A handful of people still believe in these things until today. Gypsies of today still maintain the practice of wearing special jewelry and amulets to protect themselves from evil eye and ward off bad spirits. Books like Manifest Your Destiny and The Secret mention about the power of negative and positive energies, which can emanate from people and influence the happenings in their lives.

Scientifically, Einstein’s theory of relativity and others prove the existence of energy and vibration, which influences the overall Universe. For example, you might have thought hard of your close friend or lover for some long minutes. All of a sudden, the person calls you or comes to your house. Some people call this telepathic power. Vibrations of thoughts from you might have reached the other person.

Therefore, the person decides to call you or visit you. If you were to ask him or her, he or she may answer that the visit or call was for no reason in particular. Therefore, in the case of charms, there might be a possibility for others to influence the thoughts of a particular person with the intention of possible harm. When a person looks at another person with a bad intention in his or her mind, the look eye is called as evil eye.

Charms are used with the intention of harming to another person or causing distress to another person’s life. There could be a number of reasons, which may cause people to resort to using charms or give the evil eye. One of the most common reasons is pure jealousy or envy. The feeling of envy or jealousy could be for any reason. It might be because the victim is beautiful or handsome, wealthy, well known or simply leading a good life.

Some people wear amulets or special charm jewelry to protect them from evil eye, evil spirits or charms. Others do that by maintaining positive thoughts in spite of whatever bad incident, which happen in their lives. Positive vibrations neutralize the negative ones. Perhaps, it is the power of positive thoughts of those who wear amulets or special jewelry, which actually protects them from the vibrations of negative energies. The wearer of an amulet or special jewelry usually believes in the power of the item. Thus, he or she creates positive energy, which nullifies the negative energy.

Source by Shawn Manaher



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