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Rip Worthy Lingerie: Lingerie That Makes His Blood Boil - Charmprincess





Did you know the average man prefers sexy lingerie over seeing you in the buff? The question is, “What do men find sexy?”

If you want to create animalistic lust in the bedroom, remember that at their core, men are hunters. If a woman prances around in her Birthday suit she looks like a trophy already won. But wearing scanty clothing instantly creates a challenge. Just a little fabric turns a woman into exciting prey. She no longer looks easy. The woman becomes an enticement he can’t resist pouncing on and conquering.

At first glance, a man knows instantly if he wants her and prepares for the chase. So, what kind of lingerie will spark his imagination? Well, that depends on the man. But, there are a couple of standards that receive the highest marks.

Slipping on lingerie is comparable to wrapping a present. The more attractive the presentation, the more alluring the content appears. The right lingerie causes intrigue even if the man has seen you naked for years. Elements like color, cut and fabric create a level of arousal subconsciously.

Some men prefer lingerie in white. While the color screams innocence a skimpy set gives just the right touch of good girl gone bad. The color of virtue makes a man feel like the ladies charms are just for him. Exactly what a man desires to satisfy a man’s possessive nature. Wear white to be his perfect, fallen angel. The key to white lingerie is wearing pure snowy white, not the dirty off white variety.

So, what about cutesy pink and blue lingerie? According to most men, what you may find adorable is the equivalent of a cold shower. Unless that’s his kink, wearing clothes reminiscent of childhood will not turn him on. Leave the kid colors out of the bedroom.

Now that we’ve talked color, what pieces make his pulse race. Silk teddies are nice, but most modern men like to see a little more skin. Sexy booty shorts and bikini cuts are appealing. Corsets and push up bras that make the breast spillith over. Thigh highs and Garter belts and thigh highs put the “S” in sexy and are hands down the perfect complement to any lingerie.

Whatever you wear make sure it is not complicated. Think easy access such as, crotchless panties or snaps instead of buttons. You want to look hard to get, not impossible to unwrap. Make it easy to pull-off or you will turn him off.

Source by Jenny Meng Zh



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