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Selecting a Good Bracelet Jewelry Box - For Yourself or Someone Else - Charmprincess





If you have – or would like to have – an extensive jewelry collection, a good-quality jewelry box is an absolute must. But a jewelry box that might be suitable for rings, earrings or necklaces, may not be suitable for the storage of your bracelets. Here are a few general recommendations to keep in mind before you go shopping for one —

One very important recommendation is this: do not purchase a bracelet jewelry box made of plastic. Why? Because some types of plastics give off small trace amounts of chemicals into the air. If your bracelets are kept inside a plastic container for long periods of time, these vaporized trace chemicals may damage the finish of your bracelet.

Another important recommendation is that you try to select a bracelet jewelry box that provides a separate, independent compartments for the storage of each of your bracelets. Some jewelry boxes are designed with a large “common” drawer, where everything ends up being thrown altogether. When your bracelets are all placed together like this, they can be damaged as they bump up against each other – even more so if you take your bracelet jewelry case with you when you travel.

If you have an existing bracelet jewelry box that does not have individualized compartments, what can you do? One possible solution would be to purchase small, soft cloth bags to place each bracelet into. At least this way when your bracelets are stored in the tour together, they will be somewhat protected against getting scratched or damaged by other items which you may also have stored there.

Based on these recommendations, I feel that the best type of jewelry case is one which is made from solid wood, rather than plastic. It should have an adequate amount of storage space – ideally, enough space inside to store all of your bracelets separate from each other. For further protection of your jewelry items, I recommend that it be lined with soft felt to protect against scratching, and also to provide a bit of “cushioning” should items be jostled around inside whenever it is moved. Store your bracelets carefully and they’ll always look great!

Source by Hwang Keum-Ok



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