One of the difficult aspects of every jewelry designer comes up against at some stage is marketing. You’ll know that it takes a lot of time to design your products as not really until you begin archiving them to sell them that you realize this is a completely different part of the business that needs lot of attention.

Many designers were so focused on the task in hand simply have not taken the time to figure out how they will sell their designs and products. Ideally you want someone to help you distribute and show your products to people within the jewelry trade. You may not have the time to visit various boutiques and stores can order them to show you what you have to sell.

Although your range may be absolutely amazing time to market and arrange time with buyers can be quite difficult. Trying to pick up the telephone and strike up a conversation make an appointment is probably the hardest and this takes a lot of skill, a lot of experience I do not know people put in this industry it can be quite difficult.

Some jewelry designers will hire a sales rep to help them sell their products. There are many independent reps out there who travel around the various stores, markets and trade shows and have all the contacts. They are open to negotiation and get paid a commission for any jewelry that they sell sometimes this can be between 10% and 20% of the wholesale price.

Because they’re independent they carry a fantastic selection of products and may actually have something to compliment your designs if this is the case they may already have customers to be interested in your products.

What the great things about hiring somebody like this is that they have a great understanding of the business and they know what is presently selling and what is in demand. Sometimes, by making simple modifications to your particular line of jewelry in could ideally be placed in other markets.

There are a number of things you have to organize once you have found somebody to help sell your products. You will need to have a price list you’ll also need to have a brief biography on who you are and your experience within the jewelry design business. Photographs of all your products, samples of all your products and any other promotional material that will help your jewelry stand out in a trade show for example. You’ll have to provide samples and you will have to provide shipping and lead time details.

There is a lot of work required up front but hopefully we will begin to see the benefit of this at a later stage.

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