Due to present financial difficulties, online sterling silver jewelry retailers are presenting more and more affordable designer jewelry ideas aimed at the jewelry enthusiast on a budget. One of the most recent money-saving innovations, providing aesthetic luxury with a low price tag is the increasingly popular, high fashion appeal of the collectible sterling silver charms bracelet.

The modern English word Charm,grew from its root in the Old French word Charme meaning a way to pray through incantation. Charme is in turn derived from the Latin word Canere meaning to sing or chant verses to invoke power. The word Charm used in a way to express pleasure came about in the 1500s. Charm began its use as jewelry term during the reign of Queen Victoria in the late 1800s, when she started the fashion of wearing family trinkets and keepsakes worn in lockets on chains.

Without doubt the charm is the oldest form of jewelry known, stemming back thousands of years to the dawn of the first civilizations. However, charm bead jewelry as we know today only really entered into the limelight during the late 1990s.

Sterling silver charms became increasingly prominent on the fashion catwalk’s of Rome and Milan, via glossy European magazines such as Vogue and Elle. At first sterling silver charm jewelry was simply named charm bead bracelets, but as popularity grew and different designs appeared charms have also become known as Italian charm bracelets, Italian charms, European bead bracelets and European beads.

Silver Charm Gifts

Aside from the affordability of sterling silver charm jewelry, do it yourself charm jewelry is all about freedom, appealing to the independent person who likes to personalize their own look. Sterling silver bead bracelets and their silver charms and bead appendages are based around the idea that an individual collects their charms adding them onto a charm, bead bracelet or necklace.

Charm Gifts

This means that the purchaser can spend as much, or as little money, as and when they like without making expensive buys. Another great attraction of personalized European bead and charm jewelry is the freedom of choice the owner has choosing their own silver charms and beads to symbolize their interests, loves and accomplishments.

The personal touch of sterling silver charm jewelry makes it a brilliant gift idea for women that know what they want and men who don’t know what to buy them. Christmas presents for the holiday season, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Sweet Sixteen, birthday gifts: The sterling silver European beads and charm bracelet, and a few crystal beads as starter, is a great idea for the independent women who can then choose to buy her own charms and personalize her charms and beads bracelet.

Silver Religious Charms

The most popular sterling silver charms are the religious charms like the Rosary bead, Christian Cross, Crucifix, Star of David, Hamsa Hand of Fatima, Buddha, Zen, Ying Yang, Angel, Saint Christopher and Virgin Mary. Sterling silver charms are spiritual in nature, so it’s only natural to wear religious charms on a charm bracelet. Whatever your belief system: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Zen or Buddhist; spiritual silver charms representing your belief serve as a reminder to humility and higher purpose.

Silver Heart Charms

There is no question that solid sterling silver heart charms, Murano glass heart charms, gemstone heart charms and Swarovski crystal heart charms are the most appealing. A perfect Valentine’s gift idea or Mother’s day gift silver heart charms speak for themselves as enduring symbols of loyalty and unconditional love.

Murano Glass Beads

A real Italian charm if ever there was one, multi-colored Murano glass charms and beads hail from the Italian port of Venice, and are constant popular with our customers. Each Murano bead charm is fabricated using the lamp-work technique; each lamp worked glass bead is created independently and is therefore unique. Lampwork Murano glass bead charms are made by heating multiple colored glass strands until they are soft enough to be wrapped around the central metal shaft, which after cooling is removed leaving the central hole for stringing on the sterling silver charm bracelet.

Swarovski Crystal Beads

The Swarovski crystal beads originated over a hundred years ago in Austria. Now a famous brand name, Swarovski crystal beads are perhaps the most luxurious of all crystal bead charms. The manufacturing of Swarovski crystal covers the crystal with a metallic substance producing wonderful iridescent qualities. Of this range Swarovski’s ‘Aurora Borealis’, is the best known appearing to give the crystal surface a rainbow effect.

Look-A-Like Charms

In mythology Pandora was a mortal woman created by the pantheon of Olympian gods and goddesses. However, unlike Pandora, who opened up a box which let loose evil upon the world, the Dutch based Pandora firm are famous for their enchanting charm jewelry creations. Unfortunately, for the keen jewelry enthusiast on a budget charm jewelry prices of big brand names are often too expensive. Smaller silver charm trading companies such as ours, offer Pandora look-a-like charms, Biagi look-a-like charms, Trollbead look-a-like and Chamila look-a-like Charms with all the quality of the expensive brand names, but at a fraction of the price.

Mobile Phone Charms

An increasingly popular fashion category for charm jewelry is as mobile telephone jewelry. Dangling charms from a handheld mobile phone the range of sterling silver charms is limitless. A perfect jewelry gift idea for the teenage girl!

Special Day Gift Ideas

Every year, men across the globe ask themselves questions like: What shall I get her for Christmas? What is the perfect Saint Valentine’s gift? Flowers are ‘nice,’ so are chocolates and perfume, but when it comes to special days like Valentine’s and Christmas many women like to feel a little bit special and receive something out of the ordinary. Tailored to this need, and the requirements of the independent women, highly fashionable sterling silver charms and beads bracelets do away with this problem of gift buying for these reasons:

Firstly, silver charm bracelets are for life and not just Christmas or St. Valentine’s day! All through the calendar year a woman can collect her own charms, adding them to her charm bracelet as and when she feels.

Secondly, silver charm and bead bracelets and the attached charms are a matter of personal choice and at any time can be changed and personalized to suit the wearer’s mood and feeling.

Third and by no means least, Sterling silver charms and beads are affordable and do away with the idea that jewelry gifts have to be overly priced luxury items that take months to pay for! Anyone can start a charm collection, maintaining and purchasing their charms as they feel. A silver charm and bead bracelet is luxurious looking expressive jewelry within everybody’s reach.

In fact it is safe to say, even if you have missed Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day this year, a gift of a silver love charm bracelet is equally the perfect idea for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Easter and just about any special day in the year. So go ahead! Spoil that someone you love today with the gift of silver charm jewelry.

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