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Sterling Silver Charms Are the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion - Charmprincess





For a timeless and unexpected gift idea nothing comes close to sterling silver charms. Charms are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion, from birth of a baby to a birthday to graduation from university. There are charms to please any style and taste whether it be romantic or whimsical. The beauty of charm jewelry is that a variety of styles of charms can be combined to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

The tradition of adding special sterling silver charms to a bracelet or necklace can become a rite of passage for a little girl. As the years go by, looking back at each special charm will bring a smile to any woman's face. The special feeling that comes from adding to your charm bracelet is not reserved for just the youngsters. Nor is it set aside just for special occasions. Sterling silver jewelry is the perfect treat for any woman – whether it is to make note of a special day or just because you want to show her she is special. You will find charms for every occasion. Naturally, you can treat yourself to a charm or two as well.

There are always numerous wonderful new choices for both everyday and special occasion silver charm jewellry. The best sterling silver charms are made of 925 silver which means their beauty is matched by their quality. While there is a misconception that alloys reduce the quality of silver, this is actually not the case. 925 silver is a blend of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other fine metal. The addition of the non-silver metal actually improves the durability of the silver. When you are shopping for silver charms, be sure to look for those that are true 925 silver.

As if there were not enough choices from traditional sterling silver charms, you can now add traditional charms to the Pandora charm system. Pandora chains are made to accommodate special Pandora beads and are well known for their quality and versatility. These charm beads have a special threaded interior that allows them to move about freely on the bracelet or necklace. This provides a unique sparkling effect and gives your jewelry a life of its own. Using a special charm adapter, you can now use traditional sterling silver charms on Pandora chains. This give you even more selection when it comes to creating the perfect piece of jewelry.

Whether you are buying sterling silver charms for yourself or as a gift, you can begin the collection with one or two or charms or fill an entire bracelet. You also have the options of adding charms to a charm brooch or necklace. Charms are created to celebrate special holidays and seasons as well as just for fun. Charm collecting has, in fact, become a popular hobby. So if you are looking for the perfect gift idea for a special woman in your life you can not go wrong with sterling silver charms. When she opens the special selections that you've made just for her she'll get the message-that you really care.

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