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Storywheels and the Charm Bracelet Phenomenon in the 21st Century - Charmprincess





When the question arises: what can I buy (insert the name of a special person here) for this special occasion, maybe a birthday, anniversary or just on a whim why don’t you consider a Charm Bracelet? There are many modern interpretations of the traditional Charm Bracelet and many different charms are available – to go beyond the normal run of the mill charms what you need is Storywheels. Storywheels provides the savvy jewellery buyer with the opportunity to give a truly memorable present which has lasting appeal and is worthy of the title of heirloom.

Storywheels is following in the footsteps of other modern interpretations of the charm bracelet. This modern trend was successfully exploited by PANDORA, founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark; PANDORA now employs over 5,000 people worldwide. The Storywheels success story with the range of beautifully crafted real jewellery charms will be one that endures.

Charm bracelets have of course been around for a long time, the original purpose was to ward off evil spirits or endow the wearer with luck. The idea of the modern charm bracelet is somewhat different – to record the milestones of one’s life. Using these composable bracelets jewellery designers, like Storywheels, have provided a means for their customer to create a unique piece of jewellery that not only does this but also provides an heirloom that can be treasured alongside the family photograph album and provide something of real value that can be passed down through the generations.

The current trend for charm bracelets and charm collecting is enormous. Everyone is getting in on the act with the newest player introduced to the UK being Storywheels. Storywheels come from the USA and are marketed as The Ultimate Composable Bracelet. Originating in the 1990s the concept was born when a jewellery designer was waiting in an airport after his flight had been cancelled. Struck with the idea that there must be a way of honouring a woman’s life and memories through a piece of jewellery, he drew a line on a napkin and separated that line with other lines showing special events, memories and celebrations creating the woman’s ‘Lifeline’. These significant lines slowly became circles or wheels and the original line became a chain.

“Lifeline Storywheels” was created.

The foundations of your charm bracelet is the band itself and it is this that will provide the timeline for recording one’s life achievements, a birthstone Storywheel to record a birthdate, a Storywheel with a pendant cross to record a child’s first communion or a gold and channel set diamond band to celebrate an engagement. The joy of the Storywheels collection is that a wheel can be chosen for its aesthetic qualities and it can take on the meaning that you choose and serve as a reminder rather than choosing a charm that is a direct representation of an event. For instance a Storywheel with a silver stork dangling from your bracelet would be a reminder of the birth of a child – so also, a silver Storywheel with pink enamel inserts to remember your daughter’s birth or one with turquoise jewels for a sons birth. In this way you can build something of real beauty, interest and of great sentimental value.

The Storywheels collection is compatible with most other composable charm bracelet brands so don’t feel sad if you have bought (for example) a Pandora bracelet but then fall in love with the Storywheels charms – you can mix and match your charms to your heart’s content.

Source by Charles E Baker



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