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The Chamilia Swarovski Set of Charms - Charmprincess





A great selection of Chamilia charms is the Swarovski set. Included in the set of Swarovski beads are a selection of birthstone charms, animal charms, standard shaped charms, and charms that look like small miniature items. Man made since the early 1800’s, the Swarovski crystal glass stones are now available in many different colors as well as plain white and clear crystal.

With the line of birthstones, Chamilia jewelry matches the color of the Swarovski crystal to the color of the stone usually associated with that month. You can choose from two different styles of charms. There are small heart shaped silver charms that have a colored Swarovski crystal set in the middle. Alternatively, there is a silver bead that has the birthstones set all the way around it.

All time favorites, the Chamilia animal charms that are set with Swarovski crystals are stunning, and also very cute. With the snake charm, it looks like the snake is curling around a tiny blue stone. The tiny birds nest is equally as cute with the next made from silver and the tiny eggs in the next very small Swarovski crystals! The orange crystals on the silver fish charm make that particular bead almost look exactly like a gold fish. My favorite is the tiny silver ladybug bead that is set with fiery red crystals over its back.

Other charms featuring the colored crystal include some lovely heart shaped charms, flower charms and the exquisitely crafted Pearl petal bead which has a clear stone in the middle. A rather outstanding set of charms is the disco ball charms, which do appear to live up to their name. You can choose different colored disco ball charms, such as a pink and white combination; or a pink, white and blue combination; or if you’re going for more earthy colors on your bracelet you might like the brown and white disco charm.

One of my all-time favorites is the Pinot Grigio Swarovski bead Two silver wine glasses are on one bead, with Pinot etched across one glass and Grigio across the other. The Swarovski crystals are set on top of each glass and are meant to show that the glasses are filled with wine.

Other special Chamilia charms featuring the Swarovski crystals are the lucky clover which as small dark green crystals set on each of the four leaves, and the Painter’s Palette which has small colored crystals set around the palette giving the impression of dabs of paint.

Source by Susan Westingham



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