The cushion cut diamond is a truly distinctive and captivating way of faceting this precious stone, and because of this it is a popular choice for those looking for antique diamond engagement rings as an extra special way of proposing to their partner. Almost exclusively found in antique jewellery, there is always the guarantee of getting a little slice of history along with your purchase.

The cushion cut diamond is one of the earliest cuts of diamond, with almost every item you can find like this on the market being over 100 years old. In addition to its age being a big draw for those searching for the perfect antique diamond engagement rings or special item of jewellery for their personal wear, this cut has several interesting features that sets it apart from others.

The natural shape of a rough diamond crystal – the octahedron – lends itself perfectly to the cushion cut shape, which features a rectangular or square outline with softly rounded corners. With these stones dating to the late 17th century, looking for diamonds that have slight irregularities will indicate that these items have been cut by hand.

One of the key points of interest when looking to invest in a diamond cut in this style is that it was used to maximise the beauty of each crystal. This differs greatly from today, where machine cut diamonds are cut more to retain diamond weight as much as possible. Modern day diamonds also have the same proportions as they are laser cut by machines to very specific dimensions.

One of the charms of this antique kind of cut, therefore, is that each diamond will be unique, which is one reason why a cushion shape diamond is the choice of many looking for antique diamond engagement rings to make their engagement truly special for them and their partner.

Cushion cut diamonds were also fashioned to best reflect the lighting of the time – far different from the artificial lighting of our era. The light sources in those days were natural light, candlelight and gaslight, which create a particularly enchanting sparkle in these early cut diamond pieces which resembles a kind of rainbow coloured ‘fire’.

In the category of cushion cut diamonds, there is a subset of shapes to be chosen from. If you are looking for a special piece of early jewellery for yourself or antique diamond engagement rings, your choice will all depend on your budget and your own personal preferences – or those of your future fiancée.

One of these is the ‘old mine’ cut, which is the very earliest form of cushion shape diamond. These diamonds typically have deep proportions and have slightly more irregularities in their outline and arrangement of facets, emanating plenty of old world charm.

As these diamonds were some of the first ever to be cut, there is a guarantee when purchasing this kind of antique jewellery that they will have originated from some of the first diamond sources ever discovered, namely in India or Brazil. This can be contrasted with the South African diamonds which have dominated the market from around the 1860s until this day.

If you decide that one of these unique and exquisite pieces is for you, the first step to take is to seek out an antique jewellery specialist that will be able to assure you of the authenticity and quality of your product. They will also be able to supply a wealth of information about the different diamond cuts, so you can compare and contrast in order to discover your favourite.

Whether you are looking for a birthday gift or a selection of engagement rings to surprise your loved one, the cushion cut diamond is one precious stone that has a wealth of history behind it as well as a unique and unrivalled beauty.

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