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The Charms of Southern Women - Charmprincess





It’s a lot of trouble though, really it is. It takes a long time to fry up a chicken. It’s an art to doing it well, one that we here in the south have perfected. The chicken just has to have the side dishes to be complete meaning more time, more effort and more trouble.

I was married for two years before my husband had a clue I could fry chicken. Had he known earlier, he would have been whining for that meal every Sunday. I held it back, because frankly, I don’t want to be frying chicken all that much.

Frying chicken is about as sacred as sex. Once you give it up, well the dynamics change in the relationship. Except frying chicken has more power. *You can have sex too soon with a man and just go on about your business like thanks, that was great, maybe we will do it again sometime.

Fry him chicken too soon though and you might as well lay all your cards out on the table. You just invested and awful lot of time, effort and planning into him. Not so with the sex, it just sort of happens. The chicken though, oh my, here is what he is thinking.

She just went to a lot of trouble to show me she is wife material. She spent over an hour over that hot frying pan. She made those biscuits from scratch and the gravy, oh my gosh the gravy. She is thinking this is a real relationship, holy crap. I am certainly going to eat it, but in a few days I might have to just tell her “You chicken was great, that’s not it. It’s not you, or your chicken, it’s me.

If you are in the selecting stage of dating, meaning you don’t really have a partner yet, where is your chicken. Is it in the freezer? Is it in the fridge? Is it already floured and ready for the hot oil? Or have you even got a chicken?

I think you will figure out as I go on with this, this chicken is symbolic of a lot of things, so stay with me here.

If you are not dating anyone specific maybe doing the online thing, well your chicken should still be at the grocery store. You shouldn’t even be thinking about frying that chicken. It’s OK to keep some sweet iced tea around, but forget the chicken just yet.

You see this is where so many women lose in the dating game. They are out to just find the man to fry that chicken for, and they lose sight of the goal here. Long term satisfaction. The selection process takes time. If you have your chicken anywhere but the grocery store at this point, well you are setting your priorities opposite to what would work. If your chicken is say, in the fridge, you are going to pull it out way too soon. It’s there, might as well see how this one likes it. This chicken is your heart to a degree. No need to pull it out so quickly. It will keep just fine at the grocery.

Where your chicken should be in the dating/relationship game below:

  • Selecting: Chicken should be at the grocery
  • Dating: Still at the grocery
  • Exclusive Relationship: Safe to put one in the freezer
  • Commitment/Ring: Move the chicken to the fridge now just leave the biscuits, you are out of buttermilk. Give him cold macaroni salad instead
  • Marriage or Cohabitation: Put the chicken in the pan, but not when he asks, but when you feel like making him feel good, as a gracious gesture. Add the side dishes if you feel like it.

If the above sounds harsh to you or doesn’t make sense, need I remind you of the men that have disappeared in your life when you gave them so much. Need I remind you of how many time you have said, I don’t get it, I was a great girlfriend, I did everything for him. Precisely the reason you don’t have him anymore.

Source by Robin Cockrell



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