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The Rembrandt Charm Collection - Charmprincess





Rembrandt is a family-owned enterprise known worldwide for their handcrafted jewelry pieces. With their more than four decades in the business, the company has been able to expand and enhance their production, combining conventional and modern jewelry-making methods. All charms are made at their state-of-the-art facility with the help of the expertise of their artists and employees. Today, they have thousands of charms in their collection, with each design and style available in silver and gold metals.

Their charm collection features a huge number of different styles and designs with themes ranging from alphabets to more elaborate designs like signs and symbols, animals, special occasions, places and landmarks, to name a few. Some pieces come with semi-precious stone insets while others can be converted to lapel pins and tie-tacs. Each Rembrandt charm design comes in 14k yellow and white gold, 10k yellow gold, gold plate and sterling silver (which increases the collection five-fold and have earned them the distinction "world's largest charm collection").

Lucky charms have long been popular in many cultures, and Rembrandt's good luck charm collection features several different classic representations from around the world. The ankh, for example, is an ancient Egyptian symbol of life and is believed to protect the wearer from evil forces. The four-clover leaf is a rare variant of the three-leafed clover and it is supposedly to attract love, and belief has it that when found by chance, it brings good luck to the finder. Horse shoes attract good fortune, and other lucky trinkets included in the collection are Italian horns, dice, and a wishbone, among others.

Rembrandt has also come out with customizable photo-art charms in various shapes – rectangle, heart, circle or oval – which hold any photographs you want. Then there are charm drops; cute and useful accessories if you want to add a few traditional or clip-on charms to your snake chain bracelet. A series of pink ribbon charms, supporting their breast cancer awareness campaign, are part of their collection as well, and a portion of the annual proceeds from the sales go to breast cancer research.

All Rembrandt jewelry pieces are marked with RQC quality stamp for authenticity. They are also guaranteed with a lifetime warranty for free replacement and repair, so if anything happens with your charms, just bringing them back to one of the more than 7,500 authorized retailers around the globe, and they will help you out.

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