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The Secret of the Irish - Preparing for St. Patrick's Day - Charmprincess





St. Patrick's Day is coming up this March, and the need to prepare for this exciting event is at hand. This very lucky holiday is often celebrated with a parade, followed by an array of festivals. But there are always the parties to plan with a tip of the hat and a few lucky charms.

Preparing for your celebration requires a lot of green … but this does not mean money. Green is the color of choice during St. Louis Patrick's Day, so your invitations need to express this. Decorating is no different, so table cloths and napkins should also have shades of green. White combines well with green, so you can use this to give the atmosphere some versatility. For decorations, try some lucky charms that include the lucky four-leaf clover. Shamrocks, toy coins, and trinkets that you can get at the local toy store make for excellent additions to your tabletop or even as giveaway items for your party-goers.

Creating a festive feel to your party does not need to be expensive. Hats, especially green ones, will create conversation and help to involve your audience in the festivals. Some green plastic confetti can be found at most party stores, and will not cost as much "green" as they will be worth to the party.

No party is complete without a few games. Classic games, such as darts, are a great way to enjoy the party. But you can not forget the kids. A game of Irish Hot Potato is perfect for the youngger crowd, and all you need is a fresh potato, some Irish jig music, and a few kids to play. Another game that can put your lucky charms to the test is the Bucket of Gold Toss. All you need is a bucket or a box with a hole on top. Some coins, preferably the plastic ones, can be tossed from a distance to see who can get it inside the hole. This kid's game is bound to get the adults playing too.

Of course, you can not forget the main decoration for the table – the food. Celebrated favorites are corned-beef and cage, roast lamb, and anything with potatoes in it. These are some of the tastiest meals, and will offer an authentic taste to your celebration. Potatoes are one of the national foods originating from Ireland, and can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as fried, mashed or baked. Be sure to include this particular food in the party.

Because celebrations often include alcoholic beverages, be sure to include some of Ireland's choice drinks. Green is the color, so be sure to include Guinness in your menu. Rather than classic drinks relying on regular flavors, try some Irish whiskeys instead that will give the celebration an authentic feel with a toast to the Irish.

The good thing is that you do not have to be lucky to have a great celebration. By utilizing a great caterer like Gomez Catering, you can be sure to celebrate this St. Louis. Patrick's Day with the right food to satisfy everyone's appetite. Because authentic taste can be hard to replicate, and sometimes there's not enough time for you to prepare everything, utilizing a caterer such as Gomez Catering can help you not only save time, but create an authentic feel for your St. Louis. Patrick's Day celebration.

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