An arrowhead is the sharpened tip that is placed on an arrow in order to make it much more deadly or for it fulfill a special purpose. Traditionally arrowheads had been made from stone and organic materials, but in modern times other materials were utilized. Arrowheads are also valuable archaeological artifacts, which are a sub-class of the projectile points.

The collectors categorize arrowheads by appearance, location and time period. Abasolo arrowheads originate from the Earlier to Middle Archaic era, 7000 to 5000 BC and can also be found in South Texas. These blades are generally beveled on the side of the face with rounded, thin bases. The Agee arrowheads originate during the Mississippian era, 1200 to 700 BC and also appeared in Midwestern States. These blades could be small or medium-sized with a corner-notched point and convex base.

Fort Ancient culture is often recognized by their usage of tiny arrow points in triangular shape, some of serrated needle tips and also the usage of pentagonal shouldered knives. These people also used mussel shell as jewelry and tools. They also created a many jewelry such as the arrowhead pendant from bones and shells such as beads, tinklers, hair pins and shell gorgets with several examples with an engraved weeping eye motif.

Traditionally arrowheads have been produced from flint, bone or stone and utilized on arrows or spears for protection or hunting.

If you are shopping for arrowhead pendants for men, you should know that these are also worn as a symbol of courage and strength. The following are some of the symbolic meaning of arrowheads pendants:

Khishuuch pendant is a symbol of strong will power and determination in addition to a goal become successful.

Fletcher pendant means a disciplined artist.

Assassin pendant signifies always positive and focused.

Warhammer pendant signifies a force which is meant for close combat.

Loxley pendant signifies good-hearted or doing good and providing assistance to other people or charitable.

Turquoise is the primary stone utilized in Navajo or Dine ceremonies and also believe to have healing benefits for the body.

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