Traditional Charms & Amulets are also part of Health care. Many times after prolonged treatment for illness, there is no improvement. But using simple charms & amulets you get good results. These are not miracles but ancient ways to get rid of diseases.

Like science, I would take this as this is spiritual science.

Traditional healing is common is many countries, but there are countries where these are practiced religiously and people give them high regards.

Some of these techniques may also be covered in Ayurveda. Since scientists & doctors didn’t give recognition uses & importance of these herbs, it’s now buried under the trunks in books.

But still the illiterate traditional village people who knows the uses & applications of the ancient healing methods, have kept the knowledge alive among them.

If you are suffering from high fever, do these:

Pluck the roots Nerium odorum on Sunday and tie it on your left & right ears. Body temperature will come down in few hours.

Pluck the roots of Vitex negundo & Vernonia cinerea and tie both the roots on your waist. All types of fever will be healed.

Pluck the roots of Calotropis Gigantea on Sunday morning and tie it on to yours left & right ears. Body temperature will come down in few hours.

Tying the roots of Solanum nigrum on to your ears will help in treating the fever which comes in the night.

Plucking the roots of Merremia gangetica and tying it on to both hands at the wrist and biceps will help in reducing the body temperature.

These are few things which don’t have an scientific answer of why and how these things work. Try it…and let me know….:J

Source by Prakash Doraswamy



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