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What Men Really Want - How to Make Him Beg For You - Charmprincess





Do you think you could get a man to beg for you? Can’t some women get a man to do anything at all for them? What is the secret to this? Ordinary women just like you can get men to do almost anything for them. Just follow these great tips, and you’ll be able to make him beg for you in no time at all.

Lets start with his basic instincts, you don’t need to be a model to attract a man, but you still have to use your individual charms to get his attention.

Men are all about what they see; there is no way to get past this. Attractiveness is the way nature has programmed us to say “I’m fertile” and “I’m ready to mate” It’s not the men’s fault that they’re more likely to notice the really gorgeous women first. So how does this help you? Use that knowledge to your advantage. Take care of yourself and your appearance if you really want to make him beg for you.

I mean it when I say that you really don’t need to be model to be able to do this. How many models do you know? Not many or none at all, am I right? You still know lots of women who have great boyfriends and husbands though right? How do they do it? That’s what you want to know. These women get these great guys because they know how to be the best possible version of themselves. It’s more than possible for you to learn how to do this too.

Find a mirror and take a good look at your self, figure out what your best assets are and then play up those things. If you have a fantastic pout, find a great red lipstick. Fantastic smooth clear skin, show just enough to make him beg for more. Whatever it is that makes you beautiful, and there is something, discover it then put it out there for him to see.

The other side of this exercise is if you find something that need work, then work on it. There is never anything wrong with discovering something that needs to be worked on and with a little work that flaw can often become an asset. It can be something as small as a new hair cut or color, maybe even just exercising a little more so that you feel more toned and confident. What ever it is give it shot and see where it takes you.

Whatever you decide to do. Or not do the most important thing is that you feel good about you. If your confident, it will shine through attracting his attention, making him beg for you in no time at all.

This doesn’t mean you need to dress or act like a slut, men always appreciate a lady, he wants to be proud of you and show you off in public. So show a little skin but leave it to his imagination and in no time you’ll have your man begging for you.

Source by Tina L. Jones



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