If you are making a bracelet for yourself or for a friend, you will need to make sure that you choose the right kind of bracelet clasps for your creation. Choosing the correct clasp can be the difference between a really nice piece of jewelry that is comfortable and easy to wear, and a piece of jewelry which looks great, but which is actually really impractical. Here is some information on the different types of bracelet clasps which are available to purchase.

Box Clasps

Box clasps are either square or rectangular in shape. In order to use this type of clasp, you slot one side of the clasp through the other side, bend it over and then fold it back onto itself. The clasp will then usually click shut. When it is shut, the clasp looks like a closed box. This type of clasp is one of the most secure, and it is almost impossible to open this clasp inadvertently. It is possible to get box clasps which are jeweled, and can actually enhance the design of the piece.

Spring Clasps and Lobster Claw Clasps

Spring clasps feature a central arm, encased within an outer barrel. The central arm is forced into a closed position by a spring. To open the clasp, a lever is drawn back, shortening the spring and allowing the central arm to open. When the pressure on the lever is released, the arm will spring back into a closed position. A lobster claw clasp is a variation on the spring clasp. This type of clasp features a lobster claw shaped loop, which normally hooks into an eye. When pressure is applied to the lever on a lobster claw clasp, the closing arm swings inwards, allowing the clasp to be hooked into the eye on the other side. When the pressure is released, the arm will close again. These bracelet clasps can be difficult for some people to use, if they cannot apply enough pressure to the lever to open the arm. Smaller versions of these bracelet clasps can also be very fiddly to use, if you have limited dexterity.

Screw Clasps

These clasps feature two opposing sides, one of which screws into the other. To open the clasp, simply twist both sides in opposite directions. To close, fit one side into the other, and screw closed. Some people have trouble closing these on a bracelet, because they struggle to close them with the use of only one hand.


With a toggle clasp, one side has a ring, and the other side features a bar. To close the clasp, turn the bar sideways, so that it can be pushed through the ring. When the bar falls back into its normal T-position, the bar will be too wide to fit back through the ring. To open the clasp, simply turn the bar back again, so that it can get back through the hole. These bracelet clasps are easy to use, and can be done with just one hand.

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