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Why Men Breakup With Women - Dirty Tricks Other Women Use to Steal Your Man - Charmprincess





Did your boyfriend or husband recently break up with you for another woman? You checked her out and found out that she is not half as pretty as you are, her career hasn’t fully taken off, she has pimples and she is way bigger than you are. You seem to be better than her in every aspect (in your eyes and your friend’s eyes, of course) so why in the world did he choose her and breakup with you?

Why do men break up with women whom they have invested so much time and emotions on?

Man break up with his woman for many reasons but there are times when this is due to another woman. Her scheming and devious tricks worked its charms on your man and now he is all hers. What happened and how did she manage to destroy what seems to be a solid relationship?

The truth is, this other woman could not have won your guy over unless there is already an underlying problem in your relationship. She maybe a good seductress but no one is ever that good.

Ever heard the phrase, “men want their wife to be their mistress too”? This does not just refer to married couples because it can work for anyone involved in a romantic relationship.

The problem with girlfriends is that they can nag and yell and totally forget to express their gratitude and appreciation for their man. They imbibe a negative vibe without even realizing it.

Mistresses, on the other hand, are always just fun and gentle. They don’t nag and neither do they yell. You may have played the role of the nagging wife so you pretty much handed your man over to the other woman on a silver platter.

In a relationship, you may have gotten too comfortable with each other that you have fallen into a routine that maybe okay at first but this gets dry, dull and boring pretty fast.

Do you do the same things when you go out on dates? Is your regular schedule movie and dinner for weeks at a time? Although there’s nothing wrong with it, people can only have too much of a good thing. It’s like having steak for dinner every night. It maybe flavorful and juicy but you’ll get tired of it pretty soon.

The other woman offers new experiences, thus making her the more exciting option. This lure just might be too much for your man to endure and so she won him over.

Know how to make sure that your man never looks at another woman again by being a relationship expert. Know what makes him tick so he will be yours forever. Know how to improve your value and attraction so that your man will always be addicted to you. Do so by learning the secrets and tips as well as the tricks that other smart women are using to keep their men at home all the time.

You might love your husband or boyfriend very much but without the fun and excitement in the relationship, sooner or later your man will fall into other woman’s arms, so learning the tricks sooner rather than later.

Source by Bella P.



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