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Why Teasing Is Far More Effective Than Negging When It Comes to Attracting Women - Charmprincess





One of the most well known tactics of the PUA community is the Neg. The neg is reputed to work by giving a negative statement about someone’s person. The point of this is to lower there value via feelings of self-consciousness and therefore making the recipient more vulnerable to your own charms.

There are as many negs as there are negative things to say about a women. An example of a neg would be saying to a girl that she looks like she has extensions or is wearing a wig, it could take the form of any comment about something weird and strange about her personality as long as it elicits a self-conscious response. I’ve even seen a guy who approaches women and says they have something in their nose.

I’ve seen guys use the neg many times and often it ended up getting them blown out, or flat out hurting the persons feelings. The problem is if you feel the need to bring a women down to your level you’ve already lost half the battle as you believe her to be of higher status than you. I think that there is another tactic that is much better and that many people who are good with women use regularly, this is teasing.

So what is the difference between negging and teasing? Both involve a slightly negative remark, with the tease however this remark is not meant to hurt or offend rather it is meant in good humor. By teasing a girl you show her that your not afraid to speak your mind and that your not stepping on egg shells around her. The most important part of the tease however is that it builds tension and this tension in turn becomes sexual attraction and this is a major part of what flirting is.

It should be noted that many people say they are negging but in my definition are actually teasing, this needs to be separated from negging in the hard sense whereby someone is going out to purposely to lower a girls value. The problem is that people who are not socially orientated learn PUA techniques like negging and don’t understand the natural dynamic behind them, rather they see them as hard and fast principles and use them like a sledgehammer often destroying there own chances.

So at the end of the day what type of guy do you want to be? the type who tries to demean a women to get her to like you? Or the type who creates a fun vibe that increases sexual tension in a natural way?

Source by Jay M S Walker



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