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Why do we love wine glass charms? There are many reasons these little bobbles have become so popular these days. They are not only beautiful but they add to the atmosphere and decor as they serve a great purpose as well. They come in glass or metal and they attach to the base of your wine glass.

Ever look around a crowded room and wonder where your wine went? You spot a glass that looks like yours but you are not sure. Then you see some one grab it and take a drink. Ok, so where did your glass go? Maybe that was your glass of wine you think. If it had a cute little glass pineapple, you would know for sure which glass was yours.

You can shop for them online, at your local wine store and at restaurant supply stores. You will find theses charms in many styles to match any décor you might like. There are fruit and vegetable charms or any thing else you can imagine. From a Christmas theme, wedding wine glass charms, baby shower to Halloween charms and everything in between. You are only limited by your imagination because there are so many available on the market.

You can pop them right onto your glasses before your guest arrive and avoid lots of confusion later on. Your guest will really appreciate the added effort you put in. We all know that everyone is more comfortable at a party knowing which drink is theirs and they look good while they are doing their job too.

At your next party why not let each guest pick out their own charm. This way, people tend to have an easier time remembering which glass was theirs. They can serve another purpose as well. They can be added to your favorite teacups on the handle if you are having a tea party. They can be used of coffee cups as well.

The wire charms that have difficult or hard to open clasps are a chore to put on and to take off. Instead, look for ones that slip on and off of your glass such as the elastic type and you will probably use them more often. The plastic kind can even be left on in the dishwasher if you like. Then you can just store your glasses away and they are ready to go for your next party.

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