You finally have one way of immortalizing special people and moments in your life with a memories bracelet. This accessory can be truly sentimental and should be made to last for over a century. There are many who have included the bracelet as a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation to keep the legacy and spirit alive.

Helping You Remember

The idea behind a memories bracelet is to help you remember people, things and events which matter a lot in your life. Since you can only hold on to thoughts and symbols in the long run, the bracelets have special features that serve to remind you whenever you want to and wherever you are. The memories bracelet comes in many designs and forms with unique details that specifically cater to your memory needs. In that sense, the details become a symbol or representation of your fond memories making the entire piece highly sentimental and valuable.

The Reminding Pieces

One of the most common and classic designs of a memories bracelet would be the inclusion of a locket. The bracelet itself may be composed of silver links or fine wiring but the details are usually the ones that hold much meaning. You may place two miniature portraits of important persons in your life in the locket. Most people prefer putting a picture of their parents on either side of the locket. The locket may be made of stainless steel, gold or silver and you can also emboss or engrave a pattern or text on the outer side for added meaning.

There are photo charm memories bracelets wherein you still attach miniature photos of special people, pets or places. There may be around 4 to 5 charms attached to your bracelet but compared to lockets, these are more openly shown. The charms themselves may come in different shapes and patterns so you can choose sentimental figures to represent each photo you place. Hearts, stars and other geometric shapes are favorites among buyers.

Other Symbols

If you want to be more secretive about the special persons and things in your life, you may want to use representations and symbols instead that only you can understand. Colors and patterns can mean differently depending on your experience. There is a teardrop charm made of clear crystal which may represent your grief over a deceased loved one. A round black crystal charm can represent a hole or emptiness in your heart. White glass shaped like a wing or angel can represent someone you know who is already in heaven. Other colors and stones can be symbolic of special dates you want to remember.

Other creative styles and ideas in memories bracelets come in pairs. This means that two persons who want to remember each other constantly will place designs and details significant for both of them. Great examples are one bracelet featuring a key charm while the second one features the lock charm. A heart cut in half then placed separately on two memories bracelets is very popular among lovers. A pair of doves separated on each bracelet is a good choice between best friends.

The meaning behind each memories bracelet is subjective to the wearer’s experiences so feel free to pick the right design for you. It is equally important to select materials that will last for a very long time should you choose to pass it on to the next generation. Expensive metals which never tarnish or fade are ideal for family heirlooms.

Source by Susan Barcelon



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